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The Community Team

Meet The Team


Paul Braithwaite

Community Pitch Manager

Paul manages our pitch bookings and is an experienced coach who began his career working in the FAW football in the community programme. Have any queries? Get to know Paul and he will always be willing to help!

Connor Murphy.jpg

Connor Murphy

Community Officer

Connor has been working in the community since 2019, he's an approachable young lad who is always willing to talk.


Claire Colville

PAN Disability Coach

Claire runs our PAN Disability Sessions, she's very experienced within disability football and is a great asset to the community team.


Cieran Williams

Community Coach

Cieran is the youngest member of our community team, he has lots of experience in football from playing himself and can pass his knowledge onto the younger children.

Osian Hughes-Bell

Community Coach

Osian is a great asset to the community team, he's a respectful young man and can massively help coach our sessions.

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