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After three years of working in the community, lead coach Tristan Jones decides the time is right to move on to pastures new.

Tristan has been a huge asset to Llandudno FC In The Community, he put lots of time into making sure everything ran smoothly through the community and he will definitely be missed by everyone, we wish you the best of luck for the future Tristan!

Tristan will say his final goodbye's 4 weeks today ( 15th June 2022 )

Here’s what a few club members had to say:

Josh Boyle - Assistant Community Coach

“Absolute pleasure to work with, I can't thank him enough for what he’s done for me personally and for the club as a whole and he will be massively missed by everyone as a colleague and a great friend.”

Cieran Williams - Young Leader

“As a volunteer he took me under his wing, he guided me with my coaching and improved me massively and he’ll definitely be missed.”

Harrison Shone - Young Leader

“It was a great pleasure volunteering under Tristan, he helped me get used to coaching and much more, he will be missed greatly.”

Connor Murphy - Assistant Community Coach

“Tristan will be a huge loss to the club, he was a big asset to the community and I’d like to say a massive thank you for everything he’s done”

Sam William - Ex Chief Operating Officer

“Tristan came in with plenty of energy and adapted to the role really well. I was impressed by his work rate, and his willingness to learn to further develop himself. He was part of the team when COVID hit, and decided to put many voluntary hours into assisting us in improving the ground, epitomising that community spirit he had. A brilliant member of the club and will be sorely missed in the Community arm”

Levi Montgomery - Head Of Media

"Tristan has been a great help to the community over the years and also a massive help to me personally, I've developed my coaching skills under Tristan and have worked very well with him to run the media side of things smoothly, he will be missed"

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